Various Locations and Places plus Walks on Santorini Island.

Walking along several of the paths on the Greek Island of Santorini including along the spectacular cliffs from Thira to Oia.

The Island does have a variety of mule-paths, moni-pati and paths which are mostly in good condition so both long and short, easy and strenuous walking trips are available. Merovighli - Santorini Island, GreeceFor instance there is a fairly short walk from Perisa which crosses over the saddle on the Mesa Vouno and then takes you back down to Kamari and it's beaches. Another walk takes you from Fira to Oia along Santorini's amazing cliffs with great views of the lagoon and of the houses clinging to the cliffs - this is a very popular walk for people on holiday or visiting Santorini on a boat cruise.
Santorini enjoys some really beautiful scenery apart from the Thira to Oia cliffs - please also take a look at our other Santorini walks topics. One is about a long somewhat hard walk which goes from Emborio to Pirghos (up of course) on a mule track then picks up a moni-pati as it heads on further up into the hills to the highest point on Santorini at Profitis Ilias Monastery (which may be closed). The walk then continues heading over the hills and eventually back down with the choice of ending up at either Kamari or Perisa.
Another Santorini walk goes from Perisa (this is mostly track and road) round the bottom of the Mesa Vouno to reach Emborio, follows a line of windmills to the coast near Vlichadha then returns along the coast back into Perisa. Finally there is a walk involving Santorini's colourful Red Beach and Perisa which might be of interest.
A note about vertigo (this is Santorini after all). Some people can jump around on cat's back ridges with massive drops just inches away either side without any concern - on the other hand others have a problem with some heights in some circumstances. It is difficult to recommend on any of these walks whether someone might have a vertigo problem since what is ok or not can vary so much. None of the walks described have severe drops both sides - however several of them have parts where there are steeply sloping drops on one side or the other of the path. These will be noted on the descriptions plus where possible a picture which might help.
Thira's amazing Fira Fira's harbour on Santorini (not the ferry port) Outside view of Fira - Santorini

The Capital City of Santorini - Thira or Fira.

The way that Santorini's capital has been built and how it sprawls across the very high cliffs is an incredible site especially either end of the day when the angle of the sun hits. As you can probably imagine, Fira is always packed with tourists - and this is of course why prices here for anything at all are really expensive. The various alleys and streets are full of jewellery shops plus other bric-a-back outlets plus there are quite a few expensive tavernas and cafes. The views across to Volcano and all around the cliffs etc. are really something else - nearly everybody enjoying the views seemed to be taking photo after photo of the scenery and for good reason.
One of Pirghos's many churches - Santorini Sat up on a hill - Pirghos on Santorini

The Santorini Hill Town of Pirghos (Pyrgos).

The town is one of the oldest settlements on the island, is located up on a hilltop and surrounded by vineyards in fields way below. Pirghos has some Byzantine walls, quite a few really nice churches and also just about the ruins of a Venetian castle where you can enjoy views from the battlements. Quite a few Island Tour coaches stop off at the town - understandably as the alleys and buildings are really nice to wander around.

The Holiday and Beach area of Perisa On Santorini Greece.:

(Perissa) Perisa is located on the south west of the island and is quite well used by package holiday companies. The town has one particularly scenic feature in that it is dominated by the nearbye Mesa Vouno - these 580 metre high hills make a spectacular back drop in their own right quite apart from the view high up on the peak of the Profitis Ilias Monastery. (If you are staying at Perisa then seeing these beautiful hills all the time can be something of a nuisance - in our case for some reason we had to climb up and over them 4 times).
There are quite a few tavernas which provided good and reasonably priced menus plus there are some drinks bars in Perisa but the area was pretty quiet in the evenings there which was good - probably not so quiet in July and August though. There are apparently two ATMs but we only found one - this was on the main road near the quite large Co-op supermarket - there is also the town's bakery located nearbye. There is a bus service into Fira but not that many buses running when we were there late May - however they were starting to increase the frequency. The beach is well catered for with lots of sunshades and sun beds available for hire - we used them several times and were charged 6 Euros for a set. The beach does slope considerably into the sea in places and is a mix of black sand plus some shingle - also at the water's edge you do find layers of rock - definitely a case for having some Jellies for your feet.
Perisa Beach - Santorini Timios Stavros church at Perisa, Santorini Perisa from high above Thira- Parisa beach area
One of the features? of Perisa is the large amount of unfinished buildings around - even by Greek standards there were a lot of this. A shame really because the various owners of accommodation which were open have generally taken a lot of trouble to make their establishments look really nice - lots of flowers everywhere, all clean and tidy and so on.
There is a fairly large campsite in the town which is located near the northern end of the beach not too far from Perisa's nice church. There is also a youth hostel type establishment situated on the main road not far from the Co-op supermarket. One wonders just how noisy things might become in the evening during the peak holiday months of July and August in the town.

Thira - Kamari Beach view of Kamari's beach on Santorini

The Holiday and Beach Town of Kamari - Santorini Greece.

This is also a favourite destination for Santorini's various holiday companies - the town is far bigger than it's neighbour on the other side of Mesa Vouna - and certainly did not have Perisa's glut of unfinished buildings. Kamari even in late May can get quite busy - typically for Santorini Kamari Beach is of small shingle to sandy and has all the usual amenities. There is a wide paved walkway running along the beach for some distance - this is packed with tavernas and drinks bars etc. As you wander along passing these tavernas and bars nearly every time you will invited in - they are not persistent at all but it does become a bit of pain to do a "no thank you" all the time. Prices for food tend to be just slightly higher than those found in Perisa but the quality and quantity is equally as good. Kamari enjoys a quite frequent bus service into Fira - with the service running every 30 to 45 minutes.
Oia - lovely town on Santorini

Oia Town on Santorini Island.

This Santorini town is at one end of the high cliffs which run north out of Fira - the town is very popular on the round the island coach tours and also gets quite packed with people bus'ed in from the cruise ships. It is understandable why this is - the town is excellent for wandering around and very picturesque with it's churches, alleys and white painted small houses. Because it is on the tourist coach circuit the prices in the Tavernas and so on are quite high though not as bad as those found in Fira. There is a fairly frequent bus service from Fira to Oia - however these buses get very busy and if possible when wanting to leave the town by bus it's worth getting to where the bus starts rather than wait at one of the bus stops on the way out of the town - the bus may not stop..
There is an excellent scenic walk to Oia from Fira which probably nearly everybody staying on the Island will want to do. This walk goes from Fira out along the top of the cliffs using narrow streets and alleys and also walkways - through Merovighli and on via a nice path to arrive at Oia - see below for a description of this walk.
Ruins at Ancient Thira on Santorini Agios Stefanos - Ancient Thira - Santorini Ancient Thira - Santorini Thira's Ancient Thira

The ruins of Ancient Thira which is located high up in the Santorini Hills.

Ancient Thira dates back to the 9th Century and contains ruins of an Agora, a Portico, Grottos and a Theatre plus pillars and numerous other buildings. Going to take a look around Ancient Thira is quite an event - firstly unless you are prepared to walk up (which is most enjoyable - see our Santorini Walks item) then getting there involves a drive up on a severely hair pinned road to reach a saddle. Having parked here there then is a significant climb further on up the hillside to reach the actual settlement ruins. Apart from a couple of benches situated under some trees a little way up there is absolutely no shade up on this really exposed ancient site and it does get exceedingly hot around there. It should also be noted that the area is closed on Mondays and that for all other times they close the gates promptly at 14:30 hours.

Wildlife you may come across on Santorini Greece - snakes?.

Although we walked along quite a few paths, tracks and moni-pati whilst on holiday on Santorini we did not see one snake or even a sign of one. This includes way up in the hills on rocky or paved paths where sometimes snakes are inclined to fall asleep whilst dozing in the sun. There are loads of lizards around and of course since we were on the Island during the Spring there were plenty of sparrows, swallows and all sorts of other birds to be seen.
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