Pirghos to Kamari Walk on Santorini Greece.

Pirghos's large church - SantoriniA large church on the edge Of Pirghos - Santorini

An 8km walk on Santorini Greece going from Pirghos via Vothonoas to Kamari.

For a change whilst walking on Santorini - this route either descends or is pretty well flat - the actual distance you end up walking will depend on how much you decide to divert to look at various things on the way. You can get a bus to Pirghos from Perisa or Thira. From Pirghos's bus stop in the main square the first thing to do is walk up into the old castle and upper town area to look at the various churches, buildings and ruins.
The walk itself starts from below the Castle - locate the castle's entrance gateway to the right of which is a church with a war memorial. Head north i.e. with the war memorial behind you and shortly arrive at a church with a bright blue dome, walk past the church on it's right hand side and then continue down the alley going under a concrete archway - go right at a fork to soon arrive at a concrete ramp and then on to a road. Turn right and about 40 yards along go left down another concrete road. On the other side of the road and almost opposite there is the quite disguised start of a moni-path (there was building going on when we walked here and unsurprisingly the builders had been quite careless with their building debris which somewhat hid the start of the path).
The walled stone path heading down into Vothonoas on Santorini The path to Vothonoas continues through a pumice gorge on Santorini This moni-path takes you down to reach another road - cross this and just to the right find the continuation of the path. The moni-path is quite sunken but extremely nice to walk down although there is quite a lot of undergrowth to negotiate in places i.e. thistles and thorns.
The further into the valley you get the nicer the path is for walking along - it passes by vineyards and then goes into a pumice gorge - here the undergrowth can be quite thick.
One of the many churches in Vothonoas, Santorini Reall unusual Santorini church of Panagiatis Sergeinas Vothonoas Church, Santorini Cave houses at Vothonoas - Santorini, Greece.
The path arrives at a very small road - there is a church built into the cliffs opposite and also lots of cave houses in the area. Turn left and follow the road - which soon becomes a dusty track and then just a path - to reach one of the most unusual churches we have ever visited.
This really old cave church (Panagiatis Sergeinas) is totally built into the pumice rock face - it has a small bell-tower, a cistern and several other rooms plus above there is a large chamber which was used for a hideout from pirates during the Middle Ages.
Vothonoas Church, Santorini, Greece. Cave houses built into the pumice at Vothonoas on Santorini Note it is quite possible that all the doors to the church and rooms will be locked but even so you can sort of peek through gaps in the doors to see inside. Having looked round the church area return back down the path and track and keep ahead to walk on into the village of Vothonoas. Initially there are lots of cave houses and really old buildings many of which must have been quite grand in their day but are now somewhat dilapidated. When you reach the large church of Panaghia with it's massive eucalyptus tree it's worth diverting left and wandering off into the village - there are some nice alleys, lots of churches and buildings to look at. Return back to the road by the Panaghia church and go left to continue the walk.
Vothonoas, Santorini The quiet Santorini town of Vothonoas is really nice to wander around Vothonoas pumice cave houses, Santorini Island, Greece A twin cave church just outside of Vothonoas
A Santorini church on the way to the coast One of Kamari's churches Not that attractive a beach a little way outside of Kamari, Santorini Stay on this road which bends here and there - it passes more cave houses and old buildings and then arrives at a road junction. Go straight ahead here and soon arrive at a twin caved church which is mostly built into the slope. From there continue along the road - pass under the main road and on into more of Santorini's countryside and now heading towards the sea. When you reach a group of houses turn right and soon bear left now walking through vineyards and eventually arrive at a t-junction. Turn right and keep walking to reach a tarmac road - turn left and follow this on down to the coast a little way outside of Kamari. From here turn right and walk back along the stoney beach into Kamari.
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