Fira to Oia Clifftop Walk on Santorini Greece.

Walking along the Santorini Clifftop with it's spectacular views of the Lagoon way below, going from Fira (or Thira) to Oia.

This undulating 12km moderate Santorini walk gives you fabulous views of the lagoon, cliffs and also the various streets and alleyways in Thira and Oia, visits several lovely churches as well as finishing off by using a really nice wide mule-path. If you are Island Hopping or only on holiday on Santorini for a very short time this is probably the best walk to do as you can see just why Santorini is so renowned for its scenery, cliffs and so on.
Thira Thira views Thira views - Santorini One of Thira's churches, Greece. Fira on Santorini
There are obviously massive drops especially around Thira but the initially paved route is wide so if you hate it too much you don't have to look. We took loads of photos whilst walking along this really scenic Santorini coastline between Fira and Oia - the views are so brilliant as well as the lovely churches and buildings etc. that you have to sort of ration yourselves on how many you take in the end.
Firostefani - Santorini, Cyclades, Greece Moni Aghios Nikolaos on Santorini Starting off from Santorini's main bus station in Thira head straight up the road (probably along with 100's of other tourists) and walk to the edge of the cliffs just past the Archaeological Museum. Turn right and follow the narrow streets and alleyways through Thira enjoying the amazing views - you are always right next to the cliff face. Although the area is initially very busy with tourists many of them get tired fairly quickly and you soon find the walking is much nicer with less people around. The route continues on through Firostefani - eventually after passing several churches you almost reach a tarmac road however the route continues on a cobbled path to reach the large convent of Agios Nikolaos. Continue on past the convent and then soon reach the next village which is Imerovigli.
Views of Merovighli - Santorini, Greece. Path arrives at Aghios Antonios - Santorini One of Santorini's small churches Profitis Ilias church - one of several with this name on Santorini
Once through the village the area opens out much more and the cobbled path continues by a restaurant and some buildings and then becomes a dirt track where it splits next to a hotel and a large parking area. Here you have to divert left as you have to visit another of Santorini's hidden churches. Go through the car park and at the far side a narrow stone path zig-zags down to reach the lovely church of St Antonius - there are stone tables and seats inside several caves. The views are pretty good.
The path on towards Oia - this was narrow and had slippage in places Fira to Oia walk - Santorini Moni path on it's way into Oia - Santorini, Greece. Psilos Stavros church on Santorini, Greece
Walk back up the path and through the car-park - now turn left and continue along the track to shortly reach yet another but much larger church. Having looked round this nice church continue yet again on the dirt track to reach the church of Profitis Ilias. From here the path splits - the left path goes along the edge of cliffs. This path has been paved part of the way down but the bottom section has not been finished and is very poor underfoot with slippery scree - however you do get marvellous views if you use this path. Alternatively the right hand path has been paved all the way to where the two paths rejoin but does not have anything like such good views.
Beautiful monipath for a holiday walk - Fira to Oia, Santorini Another Profitis Ilias church on Santorini, Greece. Closing in on Oia Oia
The paths join and then reach a road - turn left and follow the road for around 250 metres where there is a cafe on the left - just a few metres on a mule-path leaves on the left - this really is a brilliant walled path to walk up - and it does go up - passing two churches on the way to reach a saddle above Oia. From here and having enjoyed the seemingly continuous excellent views nearly always available on this walk - follow the path as it gently descends into the outskirts of Oia.
Oia - Santorini, Greece. Views around Oia - Santorini Turn left along the road heading into the centre of Oia but not forgetting to take a look at another large church on the way. Assuming you want to return to Thira (by bus) and if you have sufficient time it is probably best to not wait at the several bus stops on the way into the town but to go into Oia from where the bus actually starts. This is because the bus often gets quite full right from the start and is quite likely not to stop at all once it departs from Oia because there is no or little room inside.
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