Emborio and Pirghos area Walk on Santorini Island.

Emborio - Pirghos - up to Profitis Ilias Monastery and walking back to either Perisa or Kamari on Santorini, Greece.

This Santorini walk is actually quite strenuous - obviously the heat is a factor but also it is really hard on your knees for both climbing and descending - a walking stick is really useful. It is not too great a distance but you do have a continuous climb on a really nice but somewhat rocky-underfoot mule-path from Emborio to Pirghos and then another hard climb up on a moni-pati to the Monastery area. From the monastery you then undulate a little over the Profitis Ilias hills before heading down on a zig-zag rock and sometimes scree path to the saddle above Kamari and Perissa.
Possible Vertigo issues: The first 100 yards or so from the monastery is on a quite narrow path and the drop to the left is about a 30 degree slope. As you cross the hills further along the path will take you left round the hill-top - this again has a similar slope on the left however if you instead walk right over the pinnacle the drops are not apparent. The path down to the saddle is ok with only at most 45 degree or so drops on the right.
walking through Emborio's streets in Santorini Monastery walk on Santorini Greece Incidentally you can easily get to Emborio by using one of Santorini's buses - the town is on the Perisa to Thira route.
From the main bus stop (by the church) in Emborio and facing a large children's play area go right - the road forks almost immediately - take the left hand fork soon passing a school on the left. Continue down on this quiet road and just having passed an infants school on the left the road ends at a t-junction in front of a wall - an even smaller village road goes off sharp left here.
Follow this heading slowly up and eventually arrive at a junction with a road sign - you can see the castle higher up on the left. Turn right into a narrow road - this passes by occupied houses and then the road becomes much narrower and the houses are now sometimes derelict. Just after passing a church on the right the road becomes a narrow path with high walls either side - continue on under two buttresses and then arrive at a junction. Go left here (there are red arrows and dots on the walls) and head very steeply up and round on a rough concrete track. Do stop (not only to catch your breath) but also to look over the village where you can see churches, threshing circles and lots of old interesting buildings.
Emborio Town, Santorini, Greece Heading out of Emborio going under two concrete arches - Santorini Greece On a really nice paved path heading up towards Pirghos on Santorini. Looking back over the picturesque buildings in outer Emborio, Santorini
The concrete ends and now becomes a really nice walled mule-path - it steadily climbs to ultimately reach a dirt road. Turn right along the track and then shortly after a bend the mule-path continues on the right. The path continues to climb steadily - ignore a path leaving on the right. Just after this the path levels out and goes along with the wall on the right and fields on the left. The path ends at the main tarmac road - Pirghos itself is visible on the left and high above you can see the aerials sat on top of the hill. Turn left and after a few metres look for a shrine with a cross on it on the right-hand side of the road and a sign mentioning "old route to the monastery".
A beautiful but tiring walled path - Emborio to Pirghos on Santorini This old Santorini church outside of Pirghos is being renovated This goes as a concrete drive as it passes houses but then becomes a beautiful moni-pati - soon passing a renovated church on the right. Follow the path as it climbs sometimes quite steeply up towards the monastery - you can see the road to the monastery below with coaches heading up and down on it - (the lazy way to get to the top of course). The moni-pati arrives at the road just below an old military establishment - cross the road and find a narrow path which continues half left up to reach the road again. Turn right and make your way on up to the monastery - note the monastery has been closed for many years - however apart from on Mondays the church and a seating area within part of the monastery's gardens is opened for visitors.
Now high up on the path to Profitis Ilias Monastery on Santorini, Greece The aerials on top of Profitis Ilias hills appear, Santorini, Greece. The monastery at Profitis Ilias - closed for many years to the public (Santorini) Thira's Profitis Ilias church - not open on Mondays remember
Heading towards the entrance to the aerials look for a small gap on the left between a low concrete wall - this is about 40 yards before the barriers - take this narrow path which goes round the left of the hillside heading towards rocks - there is a significant drop on the left here. Follow the path heading towards a high point. If you dislike heights the best way is to in fact go right over the top of the high point and has several cairns along it's route - else follow the main path which goes round to the left side of it.
Path leaving between the low wall near the aerials - Santorini Fabulous views up in the Profitis Ilias hills on Santorini, Greece Thira cobbled path in the Profitis Ilias hills Ancient Thira on the next hill - Santorini Island, Greece.
The paths rejoin the other side and then follow this sometimes rough path to reach a large cairn. The path from here is slightly indistinct but on the right there are two cairns which mark the start of the zig-zag path heading down towards the saddle. This is now again a really nice path but is quite hard on your knees as it often has rock steps. The views - particularly of Ancient Thira and Perisa and it's coastline are really good from the path. As you get closer to the saddle the path becomes far more narrow and has a lot of scree - pick your way on down to arrive on a sandy wide path and then on to the saddle. There is a refreshment van here which is open during the Ancient Thira opening times - namely Tuesday to Sundays mornings until 14:30.
The excellent path leaving Profitis Ilias hills heading into Perissa, Santorini, Greece.Depending on where you are staying or where you want to get too the walk continues with the options here of
Returning back to Perissa: - the path goes on the right side of the saddle and this is yet again another really nice walking path which follows the right hand side of the hills and offers excellent views of Perisa and the coast. (note when you see a large white cross on the rocks ahead this marks a small path which forks off left and climbs up to Panaghia Church - which is well worth visiting). Else and anyway from the white cross just continue on down the clear path to reach a track on the outskirts of Perisa - from there go on to where you want to go to in the town.
If you want to go to Kamari then is beautiful path takes you there (Santorini)
Going back to Kamari:
Follow the tarmac road which leaves the saddle on it's left hand side - at it's third hairpin bend you will see a large white cross painted on a rock on the left. A gravel and scree path leaves here which eventually becomes a rocky stepped path - and ends up at Zoodochos Pigi church and cave.
From here this really nice walking path continues zig-zagging down to reach the outskirts of Kamari - with great views all the way down.
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